Stefan Þór Hermanowicz

StefanCancerPagePosition: MSc student
Location: Læknagarður, 4th floor


Short CV:
BSc Human Biology, University of California San Diego 2010-2012
MSc Biomedical Sciences, University of Iceland 2012-

Title: The role of BRCA2 in telomere maintenance examined in BRCA2 heterozygous cell lines.
Project description: The aim of the project is to functionally characterize BRCA2 in relation to other key proteins located at stalled replication forks in the telomeres. The focus is on cells which are heterozygous for BRCA2 and whether or not these cells are defective in protecting replication forks at telomeric regions. The same cell lines are used to examine the DNA damage response and Rad51 loading on telomeres at stalled replication forks. It is of great importance to examine the possibility that cells heterozygous for BRCA2, and therefore also mutation carriers, might suffer from replication problems at telomeric regions due to stalled replication forks leading to telomere shortening which has been connected to an increased risk of cancer. We hope to gain insight into what the effects of being a carrier for the gene strongly associated with breast cancer cause and using this knowledge to perhaps develop markers or tests that can be used in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer patients.